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Let’s sing the National Anthem

baseball historian

The 2014 World Series is in full swing and the Kansas City Royals are battling the San Francisco Giants in a match up that some are calling boring. These two teams did what they had to do to get to the championship and they deserve much credit for their efforts.

Some of the pundits claim that because manager Ned Yost’s Royals won only 89 games and manager Bruce Bochy’s Giants won only 88 games that the contest will be less than stellar. I do not agree with this line of thought for several reasons.

The Kansas City Royals have a very exciting team led by center average for the year is .301 and he has 28 stolen bases. Escobar, the shortstop has 31 stolen bases with Jarrod Dyson intimidated the opposing pitchers and catchers with more homers each. The pitching has been very stable with four of the pitchers – Shields, Guthrie, Vargas, and Ventura – all having an almost equal amount of wins and losses, and as a staff they have been equally consistent. playoffs, it was fun to see their combinations of good pitching, timely hitting, and great defense produce some very exciting games. The Royals were second in the League in batting this year with a .263 team average.

In the other dugout you have the Giants outstanding pitching staff consisting of Madison Bumgarner, Their closer, Santiago Casilla, has 19 saves on the year. The Giants hitting has been anchored by catcher baseman has enjoyed a .305 batting average for the year. Former Sandoval put up a .279 average fol- at .277.

The Giants seem to have more home run hitting power but the Royals steal many more bases than the Giants. I guess it all boils down to a pretty good match-up of teams. Both possess a lot of talent and ability even if neither roster produced glaring numbers in home runs or number of games won by pitchers – although Bumgarner did win 18 games for the Giants. was in 1969 and since that time they have appeared in only two World Series – one in 1980 losing to the 1985 when they defeated the Cardinals 4-3 in a very close contest.

I think that this will be a very interesting and exciting World Series. Considering that both teams fought hard to get here and have excellent managers, we can look forward to some well-played games. The teams that were picked to win at the beginning of the season are all home watching the action on TV.

Since the Giants have won recent World Series in 2010 and 2012 it might be good for baseball if the Royals were to take home the trophy. One thing I know is that it is October and the World Series is upon us and you can believe that the games will bring plenty of action and nail biting moments for us to enjoy. Let’s sing the National Batter Up!

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