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Candidates speak at CCLC Oct. meeting

The Concerned Citizens of Lincoln County met October 16 at the public library. President Linda Burns opened the meeting by welcoming members and guests. John Kennedy gave the invocation. Linda led the Pledge of Allegiance. Linda then introduced one of our guests, Virginia Williams, candidate for the District 1 office of County Commissioner in the November 4th election.

Virginia stated that the project she is most interested in is receiving help in public housing. She stated there is a shortage and is needed to encourage people to stay and to also draw people to come to the county to live. She would like to find ways to lower our taxes as they are outrageous, especially for senior citizens on a fixed income. She would also like to see the roadside and driveways in better shape as they are on the right-of-way. Virginia was asked many questions. She stated she would always be available to all citizens of District 1 and also the county.

Linda introduced our next guest, Paula Henderson, also a candidate for District 1 office of County Commissioner. Paula talked about the taxes in Lincoln County as being high for the senior citizens. She stated if the older citizens were given a school tax exemption, it would only raise the younger citizens taxes by 7%. She also talked about how she would like to work with other organizations to try and help acquire more industries to come to Lincoln County that would improve our economy and a growth in population and give us incentives for the young people to stay in the county. She stated she would always be available to the citizens of District 1 and also to the county. She stated she would always be interested in our school system as she is taking care of two foster school children. Paula answered several questions from the audience.

The CCLC thanked Virginia and Paula for taking the time to come to our meeting and explain what they would like to help do if elected.

Robert Glaze, who stepped down from this position after four years, gave a short talk about his years in office. He stated how hard it was at time to get projects accomplished or even get started, that should be done. Robert stated he enjoyed getting to know people in the district. He stated he felt he needed to retire so he and his wife could grow old together and enjoy life.

Discussions were held by the CCLC of ways to help Richard Brown with the Secret Santa Fund for Christmas and helping the food pantry as they are short on money to buy turkeys for the holidays. The needy are allowed a turkey for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you are able to donate money to help buy food for the food pantry, any amount will help.

The CCLC discussed a way to honor our veterans of Lincoln County. It was voted on and approved unanimously that beginning in January, we would honor each veteran individually. To all veterans in Lincoln County, please send a brief description of your service in the military and a picture if possible.

Each week one veteran’s service will be published in the Lincoln paper. Please send your military service record and photograph to: Linda Burns, 1100 Lathan Lane or The Lincoln Journal at P.O. Box 399, Lincolnton.

Our next meeting is November 20. State Representative Tom McCall will be our guest speaker and Gary Edwards.

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