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Drivers honored during School Bus Safety Week

Georgia is celebrating “National School Bus Safety Week” October 20-24 and “Georgia School Bus Driver Appreciation Day” on Monday, October 20.

Schools and safety advocates throughout the Peach State are using the week as an opportunity to highlight the importance of school bus safety.

The 2014 theme for the week, “Be Smart – Be Seen, I wait in a safe place!” reminds students, parents, and motorists of the important role each plays in ensuring student safety at the school bus stop.

One key factor in protecting Georgia’s students rests with motorists obeying the law and stopping for Georgia’s school buses as the children board and exit.

But, drivers should also be reminded that obeying the law is just not enough. Children are unpredictable – motorists must exhibit an overall heightened awareness of safety and should expect the unexpected as children wait at bus stops and as they get on and off their school bus.

In his comments, Marion Aycock, transportation director for Lincoln County Schools, said, “We must protect our children. Please stop when the stop sign on the bus is out. We have a responsibility to exercise care, be on the alert, and obey all laws when we are near or at a school bus stop.”

He further emphasized that parents of students in Pre-K through the fourth grade need to make sure they meet their child when he is disembarking from the bus in the afternoon.

In other remarks, Aycock said, “Being a bus driver is a stressful job – it’s a huge responsibility making certain children get to school and back home safety. There’s nothing easy about watching the road and maintaining discipline on the bus at the same time.

“But we have a very dedicated group of bus drivers. They are well trained, they know what they’re doing, and they have the best interest of our children at heart.”

The bus drivers for the Lincoln County School System are Sharon Bryan, Dina Cogar, Tracy Davis, Carla Dornberg, Wayne Epps, Tammie Harley, Donna Hutton, Dana Jones, Shannon Kneece, Colleen LeRoy, Carlean Mercier, Prelo Mickens, Larice McCord, Debra Partridge, Debra Pierce, Chris Quarles, Jack Smalley, Floyd Turner, Joe Racy Wells, Michael Wengrow, Mary Wideman, Brandon Mc- Manus, Donnie Reid, Bryon Willis, Jasper Dukes, and Don Wheeler.

Randall Ganus serves as the mechanic shop foreman for the transportation department.

For years, school buses have provided safe access to learning for Georgia’s school children through secure and dependable transportation to school. The safety of the yellow school bus is unparalleled by any other means of automotive transportation. Buses are equipped with more safety features than any other vehicle and are required to meet numerous safety inspections, including state and federal requirements.

More than one million students ride the school bus in Georgia twice each day, with more than 26 million school children transported in 480,000 school buses nationwide.

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