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LCMS students share their favorite Christmas memories

We, at The Lincoln Journal, asked students at LCMS to share their favorite Christmas memories with us.

The memories ranged from humorous and joyful to poignant and heart-breaking.

Enjoy the sampling of responses printed below:

Gavin Glass: “My favorite Christmas memory was when my mom’s side of the family went to Gatlinburg. It was amazing! We had presents galore! It was even snowing! What made it special was I got my very own BB gun! Best Christmas ever!”

Marlin Sherman: “My favorite Christmas was when I got my fourwheeler. On Christmas Day, my dad told me to go outside. When I went outside, I saw a four-wheeler. I was so happy when I saw it. Then, I went riding. Then, I had my first crash.”

Elizabeth Borel: “My favorite Christmas memory was when I got to go around the neighborhood and give the people, who didn’t have much, treat bags. I had five dollars, a ham sandwich, and a water bottle in each. After I finished and got home, some of the people called us and said it was a Christmas miracle.”

Shanna Kneece: “My favorite Christmas memory was my little brother’s third Christmas. My brother, Chuck, woke me up, and I got to go wake up my little brother, Caleb, and take him into the living room. I loved the smile he had on his face. I gave him all his presents and let him open them. Then, I let him help me open my presents.”

David Newberry: “My favorite Christmas memory was when I got my first guitar. I don’t make a Christmas list, but I drop a lot of hints, so I was the happiest eight year old ever! So I go to my room and play it. I wasn’t really playing it, but I was making noise. I broke the string and cut my hand, but it was OK. I didn’t care. That was my first ever guitar. I play guitar still to this day, and I love it. I can play ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ ‘Smoke on the Water,’ and ‘Eye of the Tiger.’”

LeVion Lockhart: “My favorite Christmas was last year when I got my PS3, and I got a new game, NCAA 14. It’s a football game, which lets you create your own player and play him in a national college game.”

Nicholas Maxwell: “My favorite Christmas memory was what I got for my big brother for Christmas in the fifth grade. I got it at the Penguin Patch. It was a mug that had a pirate skull on it. When I bought it, I didn’t notice it had words on it. The words said he was the best dad.”

Kolbi Ferguson: “My favorite Christmas was when my family helped people who didn’t get Christmas presents. It was great. We gave one family money and toys. Most people don’t like to help people out, but it is great to help. Another family needed clothes for the holidays, so we took them to the mall to get clothes. That was my favorite holiday.”

Wesley Cooke: “My favorite Christmas memory was wonderful. I woke up, and there were presents under the tree, and the stockings were filled. It was nice, but I didn’t care about that. My favorite Christmas memory happens every year – I wake up, and my parents are there, alive and living.”

Demetrius Ardister: “One of my favorite Christmas memories was when I got my four-wheeler. Every Christmas, I would ask for a fourwheeler. My mom would always say no. But this Christmas, I asked my dad. When I woke up on Christmas Day, my dad took me outside, and there it was – my four-wheeler.”

Evan Burt: “My most memorable Christmas is every year, because Christmas is memorable. I like Christmas a lot. Every Christmas is memorable.”

Elijah Hawn: “My favorite Christmas was a few years ago. I don’t exactly know when, but I remember it. I was at my grandparents’ house, and I got Super Mario Brothers for Christmas. A few days later, cousins, second cousins, second uncles, and other people I didn’t even know all got together for a big feast. We had to set up about ten tables in the living room for everyone to have a seat. After everyone was done, most of the adults stood around and talked and other things. In the den, one man and a few other kids played Mario with me. It was intense and fun when we did the ‘Boss’ level. After a while, everyone was gone except my family and grandparents. That was the Christmas I remember the most and best.”

Chloe Pope: “My most memorable Christmas was when my ‘Elf on the Shelf’ (Max) set foot in our home for the first time.”

Devin Smith: “My favorite Christmas memory was when I was in South Carolina, and it snowed on Christmas morning. We all played and opened presents. I got dressed and went outside. We made a sixfoot tall snowman. We made bunkers and had about an hour-long snowball fight. We then went inside and drank a cup of hot chocolate. We also went sledding, too. It was fun.”

Jewel Flanigan: “The only Christmas that stands out to me is when it snowed, because it never snows in Lincolnton. Well, this is what happened...I ran to the living room to see what I got for Christmas. It was a lot of presents, but before I even opened my presents, I noticed that it was cold inside, so I just happened to look outside, and it was actually snowing! I had never seen it so white before. I had the best Christmas without even opening my presents.”

Harvey Hodnett: “My best Christmas memory was when we started to gather around to play checkers. It was a family moment.”

Ali Aycock: “My favorite Christmas memory was when we went to Disney World. It was great. I got to go on lots of rides. We went to the castle, and we saw lots of people.”

Braelin Smallwood: “Two years ago I got my first barrel racing saddle. That was the best Christmas. My saddle has two horses’ heads on it, and it is very light. I also got barrel racing boots for my horse. They match her bridle, reins, chest collar, and saddle pad. That same Christmas I got my barrels.”

Matt Penrow: “My favorite Christmas ever was when I went to Alabama to see family, and I got all kinds of toys like a razor scooter, army toys, a video game, a tablet, a laptop, and a flat screen TV. My mom thought that I should spread some Christmas joy to be kind and giving, so instead of keeping my toys, I gave them all to Toys-for- Tots. One of my family members gave me money, and I gave it all to charity.”

Courtney Morgan: “My Christmas memory was the last Christmas that I got to spend with my greatgrandma, when she cooked her ‘Christmas special’ food, which was soggy tacos. Even though it sounds nasty, it was really good.”

Isaiah Brooks: “On Christmas Eve, my family and I went to our auntie’s house, and we ate seafood. I had gotten my first PS3 and three games to start with, and I got a hand-held game, too. The food we had was shrimp, nachos, and fried fish. That was the best Christmas I’ve had in years.”

Alexia Norman: “ My favorite Christmas memory was when we had a Christmas play, and I got the lead role.”

Gabbie Maddux: “A Christmas memory I have is when everybody wakes up, we go in the living room and wait for the family to arrive. After everyone arrives, we let the little kids open their presents, and then, we do. But the memory is you get to watch kids enjoy Christmas like you used to, and you watch them play with their new toys. Then everybody sits by the fireplace.”

Wesley Hernandez: “ My best Christmas memory was when I first moved to Lincolnton, but I didn’t just have it with my parents but a lot of my family as well, and there was much to do.”

CJ Turner: “My favorite Christmas memory was when it snowed. That morning, we went outside and ran around. Later, we built a snowman. I gave him a hat and a scarf. The next day he melted. We went sledding and had fun.”

Aubrey Goodwin: “My favorite Christmas memory was when I was with all of my family on Christmas Eve. We all did this big gift exchange, and I got a big, puffy jacket. When we went home, mom told me and my brother to go to bed, but we couldn’t. After a few hours, we finally fell asleep. When we woke up at two o-clock in the morning, we had electric scooters. We sat on the couch and stared at our presents, waiting for the parents to wake up. That morning was a good Christmas for me and my brother.”

Catherine Drew Beggs: “My favorite Christmas memory was when my sister had her first Christmas. We woke up on Christmas morning, ate breakfast, and then went to my great-grandma’s house to eat lunch. I opened her presents for her then let her play with them. Even though she couldn’t talk, I could tell she was grateful for me helping her.”

Zeb Ashmore: “My favorite Christmas memory is every year. It is every year because I get to spend time with my family and friends. We go to the movies and ride around town looking at Christmas lights. We also go to my nana’s and have cookie day. We make all kinds of cookies and then take them to some people we know.”

BJ Crosby: “The best Christmas that I ever had was when I got my iPhone. It was awesome. I went to my friend’s house and downloaded a bunch of stuff.”

Evan Thomas: “My favorite memory of Christmas was the day I got my dog. His name is Pedro, and he is a Jack Russell Terrier mixed with a poodle. He was scared at first, because he didn’t know me. Over the days, he got used to me, and now he’s over-protective of me.”

Alexis Gaines: “ My favorite Christmas memory was when my Aunt Barb came down from Ohio three years ago. My Aunt Barb arrived late because the plane was delayed because of the snow, but I was excited that she was able to come and celebrate Christmas with my family and me.”

Kenya Mickens: “My favorite Christmas memory was when it snowed.”

Christopher Collins: “The best Christmas I ever had was probably the year my cousin came back from the military. He had left that summer. I didn’t get to even say goodbye. I look up to him. We have been sending messages back and forth ever since.”

Sara Katherine Ingram: “I always love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. But here is one Christmas I will never forget. It was when all the kids at my church made a box full of stuff for kids who weren’t going to get anything at Christmas time. It was special because it feels really good to give to people who have less than you do.”

Jaquez Cullars: “My best Christmas memory was when I went to New York. I discovered many monuments. I also got to see the Statue of Liberty. The reason it was my best Christmas was because I got to meet many new friends.”

Mikayla Sullivan: “The best Christmas I have ever had was when I got my iPhone 5. It was awesome until it got stolen – that is another story. I love Christmas, and it isn’t all about the presents. There is only one reason for Christmas – Christ, the first word in Christmas.”

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