2013-09-19 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

• Elaine Timmerman came Friday and brought lunch and we enjoyed our food and fellowship together.

• Pam Watson visited Kenneth and Donna Abel everyday the past week. Tim and Pam Abel from Guyton spent the week with Kenneth and Donna. Mr. Abel is home from the hospital and doing well. Remember them in prayer.

• Eugene Bryant spent Saturday night with his mother, Susan Bryant. Patrick Bryant has visited his mother during the week.

• Eugene Bryant drove Susan and Alicia Bryant to Florida to Disney World. The family of Eugene’s, Lauren, Elise, Charlotte, Mrs. Albanese and a friend of Lauren’s spent the past week at Disney World and had a wonderful time.

• Lisa Mahaffey spent Sunday afternoon with her parents.

• Carla Dornberg, Randy Ganus, Chris Quarles, Deana and Lee, Mandy and Brad Rogers, Judy Webb, Charles Dornberg, C.J. and Harley have been visitors of Jan Smalley.

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