2012-05-24 / News

Broun to run for re-election

PAUL BROUN PAUL BROUN Paul Broun volunteered to serve our country as a United States Marine. He also became a Navy Medical Officer and continues to serve in that capacity in the Navy Reserves.

A graduate of UGA and the Medical College of Georgia, Dr. Broun is a family physician who has served patients for nearly four decades. He previously served as a member of the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation Board and of its Long-range Planning Committee.

His first political service was as a volunteer advocate for Safari Club International which promotes hunting freedom and wildlife conservation. He is an avid hunter and sports shooter and is a Life Member of both the NRA and Gun Owners of America. He is past president of the Georgia Sport Shooting association, state-affiliate of the NRA, and is a member of the Athens Rifle Club.

Congressman Broun is a leader for Positive Change based on the Constitution and sound conservative principles. Author of the Balanced Budget Amendment, he is leading the fight to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, as well as to dramatically reduce federal spending. He also is working to generate economic growth and job creation in the private sector through comprehensive tax reform with his JOBS Act, HR 660. He ultimately favors adoption of the Fair Tax.

Broun is the father of two adult daughters and a son. He has two grandchildren. He and Niki Broun have been married for 27 years and attend Prince Avenue Baptist Church in Athens.

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