2011-10-20 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

Jackie Bonner visited with William and Lee Bentley Wednesday afternoon.

Raymond and Elaine Timmerman, Haley Dumpe, Grayson, Noah and Reese Dumpe, and Franklin and Brenda Bowick were lunch guests on Thursday of William and Lee Bentley.

Marion and Hilda Cliatt visited with William and Lee Bentley Friday afternoon.

Chuck Mahaffey and Kevin Murdock visited in the home of William and Lee Bentley Saturday morning.

Audrey Crump’s daughter, Missy and grandkids, Addison and Rylan, came to spend the day Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. David Fizer from Indiana are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fizer.

Nancy Bailey, Mandy and Brad Rogers, Michael Rogers, Chris Lund, and William and Lee Bentley have been visitors in the home of Dollie Smalley and Jan and Kerry Whitener.

Tim and Pam Abel from Guyton, Ga., visited with Kenneth and Donna Abel Wednesday.

Pam Watson visited her parents, Kenneth and Donna Abel on Saturday. Jay Watson visited in the home on Friday.

Chris, Tammy and Keegan Abel visited in West Virginia last week.

Alicia and Patrick Bryant and Juanita Brown have been visitors of Dudley and Susan Bryant during the week.

Lauren, Eugene and Elisa Bryant and Alicia Bryant spent Saturday evening with Dudley and Susan Bryant.

Lauren, Eugene and Elisa Bryant, Alicia Bryant, Bob Holley, and Dudley and Susan Bryant were lunch guests at Ryan’s on Saturday for Dudley’s birthday.

Patrick Bryant, Tammy Furr and Alicia Bryant were Sunday lunch guests in the home of Dudley and Susan Bryant in honor of Dudley’s birthday.

Chris and Shannon Chastain visited in the Barry Chastain home Sunday afternoon.

Lydia Jones has been in the hospital during the week. She returned home Saturday and is better but please remember her and the family in prayer.

Marion Cliatt was in Shingle Hollow, N.C. on Monday.

Hilda and Marion Cliatt made a trip to Columbia, S.C. during the week.

Jane Young of McCormick visited Dollie Smalley and Jan and Kerry Whitener and William and Lee Bentley on Sunday afternoon.

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