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Board votes to increase breakfast and lunch prices

The Lincoln County Board of Education voted to increase breakfast and lunch prices at all three schools during its regular meeting held Tuesday, June 14.

“Last year, we had to transfer money from the General Fund to the School Food Service Fund,” said School Superintendent Randall Edmunds. “We’ll have to do it again this year but it won’t be as much.”

Breakfast for students at all schools will increase from 75 cents to $1, while lunch at LCES will go from $1.50 to $1.75 and from $1.75 to $2 at LCMS and LCHS.

Reduced breakfasts and lunches are set by the government at 30 and 40 cents, respectively, at all three schools.

As for adults, breakfast will increase from $1 to $1.50 and lunch, from $2.50 to $3 at all schools.

The last time the system raised breakfast and lunch prices was in 2008.

In other business, Dr. Robert Williams, board chairman, recognized Dr. Edmunds, who will be retiring after 30 years as superintendent.

“His knowledge of the school system is unbelievable,” said Chairman Williams. “He will be sorely missed, and I would like to thank him for everything he has done.”

The superintendent was rewarded with a standing ovation from those present.

A reception will be held in Dr. Edmunds’ honor on Sunday, June 26, from 2 until 4 p.m. in the LCHS Cafeteria. An awards ceremony is set for 3 p.m.

In further business, the board:

Set the FY 2012 Tentative Budget. (See story elsewhere in this issue of The Lincoln Journal.)

Reviewed the SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) Summary Fund through May 31, 2011; the Construction Fund through May 31, 2011; the General Fund for the period from July 1, 2010, through May 31, 2011; and quarterly school accounts for the period from January 1, 2011, through March 31, 2011.

Concerning the SPLOST Fund, Dr. Edmunds said, “Collections were a little better for May than April, but it’s still nothing to brag about.

“I believe we’ll have enough for our bond payment in October, but we will need to raise the bond millage tax if SPLOST stays where it is in order to make the April payment,” explained the superintendent.

As for the Construction Fund, it has a balance of $2,554,809. Of this amount, the system owes the Georgia Department of Education $2,137,000. The check will be sent to the state at the end of the fiscal year.

In his comments on the General Fund, Dr. Edmunds said, “With expenditures at 89.5 percent and the fiscal year nearly complete, we’re running below our anticipated expenditures. Hopefully, it will stay that way so we’ll have a little more in the Fund Balance, but we can’t count on it.”

Was informed by Superintendent Edmunds that state revenues were up two-and-one-half percent for the month of May.

Voted to approve fundraising activities for the varsity cheerleaders at LCHS and the girls and boys basketball teams.

Voted to approve overnight field trips for FFA students to attend the Georgia FFA Summer Leadership Camp in Covington June 20-24 and for editors of the “Panorama” to participate in a yearbook workshop at Hilton Head Island June 20-22.

Voted to approve the use of the LCHS Auditorium for the Miss Freshwater Coast Pageant on August 20 and for rehearsal on August 19 at the request of the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce.

In a related item of information, Sherry McKellar, executive assistant for the chamber, asked the board to waive the fee for the auditorium itself since the chamber supports various student and school activities.

However, due to budget constraints and not wanting to set a precedent, the board denied her request.

Voted to approve a request for the use of the LCMS Cafeteria and kitchen on June 25 for a fundraising activity, sponsored by the Lincoln County Community Partnership.

The vote was 4:1, with Denise Freeman voting against the motion.

Voted to approve a request from Lincolnton Baptist Church for use of the LCHS Auditorium for revival services August 13-18.

Voted to approve a request made by the Lincoln County Community Partnership to hold the Miss Lincoln County Green Pageant in the LCHS Auditorium August 27.

Heard Superintendent Edmunds discuss tax credit scholarships for private schools.

According to an article, written by James Salzer and Nancy Badertscher, in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “The state will spend about $50 million in tax money on scholarships for private school students next year, but it’s unclear whether the public will have any way to determine how the money is spent.”

“This is money that could be coming to public schools but is going to private schools instead,” said Dr. Edmunds. “Hopefully, the legislature will do something about it.”

Voted to join other school systems and approve a resolution to support the Vision Project of the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) and the Georgia School Superintendents Association (GSSA).

The goal of the initiative is to give Georgia a single vision to significantly improve the “education culture” in the state so that “public education in Georgia will provide all children an equitable and excellent education that prepares them for college, career, and life.”

The plan is divided into seven education components:

(1) Early Learning and Student Success.

(2) Teaching and Learning.

(3) Teaching and Learning Resources.

(4) Human and Organizational Capital.

(5) Governance, Leadership, and Accountability.

(6) Culture, Climate, and Organizational Efficacy.

(7) Financial Resources.

“In essence, this initiative will provide direction for the legislature and the governor’s office as to what we’d like to see in the future,” said Superintendent Edmunds.

Voted to approve the FY 2012 Local Plan for Career, Technical, and Agriculture Education Perkins IV – Program Improvement.

Voted to approve an amended FY 2011 Budget. The vote was 4:1, with Freeman voting against the motion. The amended General Fund includes revenues of $11,361,709 and expenditures of $11,824,890.

Heard the first reading of the Fund Balance Policy, which states that the Fund Balance should equal 10 to 15 percent of the budget. The policy is being required by system auditors.

Heard the second reading of revisions to the Communicable Diseases Policy, Personnel-Assistant Principal (High School) Policy, Personnel Assistant Principal (Elementary School) Policy, and Noncertificated Personnel Policy.

The board approved the policies as read.

Heard the second reading of the following policies: Parent Involvement Coordinator, Evaluation Summary for Parent Involvement Coordinator, and Bullying.

The policies were approved as read.

Voted to delete the Student Behavior Code Policy.

Reviewed the following policies: Personnel-Assistant Superintendent for Special Services, Personnel- Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Pay Day Schedules, Personnel Records, Personnel-Guidance Counselor (Elementary), Noncertificated Personnel Sick Leave, Expulsion, and Video Surveillance.

No changes were made to the policies.

Was informed by Superintendent Edmunds that the Georgia Department of Education determined there were no findings and/or questioned costs in the system audit for FY 2010.

Was informed by Edmunds that the United States Department of Justice has pre-cleared the Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest policies that were submitted earlier in the year.

Voted to enter into executive session to deliberate upon the employment of personnel. After returning to regular session, the board:

Voted to accept the resignation of Dwaine Biggerstaff from his shop foreman/mechanic position, effective June 30.

Voted to approve Randall Ganus to serve at the will of the board as shop foreman/mechanic. The vote was four in favor, with Freeman not voting.

Voted to approve Jason Aycock to serve at the will of the board as a bus mechanic assistant. The vote was four for, with Freeman not voting.

Voted to approve Angie Spratlin to serve at the will of the board as the bookkeeper at LCES.

The meeting was recessed until 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29, at which time the Final 2012 Budget will be considered for approval.

The next regular meeting of the board will be held Tuesday, July 12, at 7 p.m. at the board office on Metasville Road.

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