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LCES students share recipes for cooking a Thanksgiving turkey

In observance of Thanksgiving, we thought it would be interesting to experience the art of preparing a turkey from a child’s perspective.

The third and fourth-grade students at LCES were quite accommodating and worked very hard to write down the following “recipes” for cooking a turkey:

Justin Stevens – “First, buy the turkey. Then, clean it with water. Then, oil it. After that, cook it. Finally, take it out of the oven. Finally, eat it.”

Dylan Courtright – “First, I would get the turkey from the store. Next, I would take it home to cook it. Then, I would get some seasoning. Last, I would put the turkey in the oven and roast it for one hour.”

Coby Mayes – “I would go to Bell’s and buy a turkey, Then, I would go home and pull off the paper. Then, I would lay it out in the sink. Then, I would put it on a pan and put some BBQ sauce on it. Then, I would cook it.”

Tres Kelly – “I would buy it, marinate it with BBQ sauce, and stick it in the oven for a while.”

C.J. Turner: “Step 1: Buy the right size turkey from the store. Step 2: Put it in the oven. Step 3: Dress it. Step 4: Let it cool off. Step 5: Eat it with friends.”

Makayla Benning – “To cook a Thanksgiving turkey, you will need to buy the turkey, bell pepper, onions, celery, and seasonings. When you get home, you need to wash the turkey. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Then, you stuff the turkey with bell pepper, onions, and celery. You then season the turkey. Then, you put a little water in the bottom of the roaster. Place the turkey in the oven to bake. Cooking time is 15 minutes per pound.”

Lane Tuten – “First, you find a turkey. Second, you open up the bag. Third, you put it in a crock pot. Put it on high. Wait for a long time until it looks like it’s ready. Enjoy the best turkey yet.”

Jaquise Royster – “Take it out of the freezer. Lay it out and then put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Then, take it out and eat it and Happy Thanksgiving!”

Heather Johnson – “First, buy the turkey from Bi-Lo. Next, clean it when you get home. Get all the raw off and wash it. Then, cook the turkey in the oven for one hour. Let it cool. Last, eat the turkey.”

Nykese Norman – “Step 1: Put barbecue sauce on it. Step 2: Clean it. Step 3: Get the tender kind. Step 4: Get lemon pepper chicken. Step 5: Get carrots. Step 6: Get lettuce. Step 7: Boil it. Step 8: Put the lettuce to the side. Step 9: Get a big, good looking turkey. Step 10: Make sure it’s dead. Step 11: Put it in the oven on 350 degrees until it’s done.”

Gracie Irby – “The first thing you do is wash your hands. Then you clean it. Then, I smoke it. Next, I put a little salt and pepper on the turkey. Then, I put some seasoning stuff on it. Then, I put it on a plate. You have a turkey.”

Gabbie Maddox – “The first thing you do to make a turkey is you buy it. Second, you put oil in a fryer. Then, you put it in the fryer 30 minutes until done. Then, eat it.” Da’Nautica Kendrick – “The first thing you do to cook a turkey is you can go buy it or you can go hunt it. Then, if you go hunt it, you clean the turkey. Then, you season it. Next, you put it in the cooker. Then, you cook it for about 30 minutes. When it’s done, you can eat it. This is how you cook a turkey.”

pull the feathers off; clean the turkey; cook it; put seasoning on it; get some of your favorite chips; crush the chips into small, tiny bits; then sprinkle them on the turkey; and you will have a very, very good, crunchy turkey.”

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need to go buy a turkey from somewhere.

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Dallas Levi Brooks – “Go kill a turkey;

Alexis Hunter – “I’m going to tell

about 30 minutes. After the turkey is made, you need to wrap it up with something to keep it warm when you celebrate Thanksgiving and when the people eat. That’s how you make a turkey. Remember, wrap it up with something to keep it warm.”

Heather Johnson – “I think you make a turkey like this: get some turkey meat, put it in the oven for one hour, get it out, and put it on the table to cool. Then, say the blessing and eat it.”

Riley Jane Robinson – “Put the turkey in a boiling pot, turn it on medium, let it cook for three or four minutes, take it out, let it sit for one or two minutes, and then, there is your turkey.”

Colton Wheatley – “First, you have to skin the turkey. You take off the feet, the feathers, and the head. Second, you put it on the grill. The temperature should be up to 100 degrees F. Have it on the grill for one hour and thirty minutes. Then, you take it off the grill and cut it up. Put salt and pepper on it and that’s how to cook a turkey.”

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