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Blood drive at LBC Saturday

The Shepeard Community Blood Center will hold a blood drive on Saturday, August 7, from 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall at Lincolnton Baptist Church.

The goal for the drive is 40 units.

According to Mistie Harris, public relations coordinator for Shepeard, “Each summer, blood supplies fall dangerously low here in the CSRA and across the nation. This is due to the fact that schools and colleges, which supply 20 percent of our inventory, are closed and faithful donors, from all walks of life, break their donation routine to take vacations and enjoy other summer activities.

“Unfortunately, the need for blood does not take a vacation,” Harris continued. “Every two seconds someone needs blood.

“Remember, every time you donate blood, you save three lives. If you have been blessed with good health, you can pass it on by giving blood to those who need it to survive.”

Healthy individuals 16 years of age or older, weighing 110 pounds or more, who have not donated blood in the past two months are eligible to make a donation. Donors are asked to bring a picture I.D. or a donor card with them to the drive.

Parental permission is needed for those 16-year-old donors who have never taken part in a blood drive.

From beginning to end, it takes less than half an hour to give blood.

Moreover, all participants will receive a free T-shirt. In addition, Shepeard is hosting an S-O-S (Save Our Summer) Fun Pack drawing each week. Valued at $500 each, the packs are filled with restaurant certificates and tickets to summer attractions. All those who register to donate blood this summer are eligible to win an S-O-S Fun Pack.

The following Lincoln County residents are to be commended for doinclude: nating blood recently:

Rita W. Hussey, Joseph D. Simmons, Jr., Michael A. Tarver, Ella H. Arnold, Benjamin A. Ridgeway, James A. McGee, Paula Rutland, Charles G. Wallace, John R. Gunby, Jacquenette L. Cullars, Tracy D. Hall, Carol J. Ridgeway.

Barbara Holloway, Mary L. Glaze, Michael A. Wengrow, Carol McCord, Sherry E. McKellar, Marie C. Begley, Deborah M. Dent, Dennis W. Gay, Brenda T. Leopard, Catherine Harrison, Dory A. Bentley, Joyce A. Marlette, Denise J. Kirkland, Terry J. Kirkland, Marsha W. Scott, Andre M LaPlume.

Florence B. Dallis, Susan L. Harrison, John W. Boland, Alton H. Danner, Jr., Grayson W. Goble, Garrett M. Goble, James R. Neal, William L. Clary, Judy F. Cunningham, Leigh H. Aycock, Barney A. Aycock, Gretchen B. Keneson, Jack G. Smalley, Christine S. Cameron, Tammy B. Wright.

Amanda L. Etheridge, Linda P. Jones, Byron S. Baldwin, Dexter A. Rouse, Sharae Parham, Bonny S. Rayner, Dianne C. Ivey, Andrea K. Baker, Adam Dent, Harwood J. Wiggins III, Thomas C. Dent, Emma Jean Woodward, Gail E. Salmon, Tommy I. Poole, Carol Spence, Ellen V. Butler.

Kathryn L. Greenleaf, Dawn M. Garcia, Bryant K. Garcia, Jessie W. Turner, Jacob M. Johnson, Dawn M. Milner, Nicole M. Sullivan, Robert L. Sullivan II, Cherish A. Winscot, Rebekah R. Goble, Trudy B. Edmunds, G. Randall Edmunds, Rebecca R. Tarver, Trina A. Grabb, Emily W. Strozier, Bobby W. Strozier, John W. Spratlin III, Vernell Cullars, and Annalise R. Harrison.

For more information about blood donation, contact the Shepeard Community Blood Center at 1-706-737- 4551 or visit the organization’s website at www.shepeard.org.

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