2010-05-13 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

.. Grace Stephens and Sue Moore of Hartwell visited with Art and Lois Fizer on Tuesday.

.. David and Alice Fizer of Indiana are visiting with the Art Fizer family.

.. Erica Brown and Megan Brown were lunch guest on Saturday with Art and Lois Fizer. Alan Fizer spent the weekend in the home.

.. George Bailey, Marion Cliatt and Jim Martin were recent visitors in the William Bentley home.

.. William and Lee Bentley visited Flo Chalker on Monday morning.

.. Faye Smalley, Mandy and Brad Rogers, Judy Webb, Charles Dornberg, Andy Smalley, Brandon Dornberg, Jane Young, Kevin Landry, Carla, Al and A.J. Young, and William and Lee Bentley have been visitors of Dolly Smalley, Jan and Kerry Whitner.

.. Alvin Cox, Leon Cox, Patrick and Alicia Bryant, Irene Bryant, and Juanita Brown have been visitors of Dudley and Susan Bryant.

.. Pam Watson visited her parents, Donna and Kenneth Abel, during the week.

.. Kenneth and Donna Abel were lunch guests on Sunday with Chris, Tammy, Amanda and Keegan Abel.

.. Hilda Cliatt attended a program at Lincoln County Elementary School for Macey O’Neal, the granddaughter of Vernon and Christan Blackburn. The entertainment was very good and she enjoyed being able to attend.

.. The children and grandchildren of Lee Bentley honored her on Mother’s Day afternoon with a cookout of hamburgers with all the trimmings and a delicious chocolate dessert. Present for the festive occasion were Dr. and Mrs. Al Wright of Waynesboro, Raymond and Elaine Timmerman, Erin and Derek Cooper, Lisa, Chuck, Jordan and Ethan Mahaffey, William Bentley, and Marion and Hilda Cliatt. The Timmerman home was the place for the occasion. We all enjoyed being together and sharing our afternoon together. My grandchildren and great-grandson called to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. Ryan Timmerman from Atlanta, Jonathan Wright of North Carolina, Haley and Grayson Dumpe of Cleveland, Ohio.

.. Jane Young of McCormick visited with her sister, Dolly Smalley, on Sunday afternoon.

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