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Bureau continues to hire workers for 2010 Census

The United States Census Bureau continues to hire workers to assist with the 2010 Census.

According to Louise Carpenter, local census office manager, “The hiring process will be on-going until we complete the operation.”

There are several good reasons to apply for a job with the census bureau including:

.. Census jobs pay well, with workers compensated for their time on a weekly basis.

.. The work schedule is flexible. As a census taker, individuals work up to 40 hours per week for several weeks, largely on a flexible schedule.

Although the work must be done during daylight hours, most people find it very manageable.

.. The work is near home.

.. Census jobs are excellent for retirees, college students, people who want to work part time, those who are in between jobs, etc.

To qualify as a census taker, an individual must:

.. Be a United States citizen.

.. Be a legal, permanent resident or non-citizen with an appropriate work visa and bilingual skills, which no qualified citizens possess.

.. Be at least 18 years old.

.. Have a valid Social Security number.

.. Take a written test of basic skills. There are five parts to the test: clerical skills, reading, numerical skills, interpreting information and evaluating alternatives, and organizational skills.

.. Pass a background check.

.. Have a valid driver’s license (for field jobs only).

.. Be able to commit up to four days to training with pay.

To explore the possibility of working for the census bureau, call the August recruiting office at 706-262- 4330.

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