2009-11-19 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

.. Mrs. Georgia Fletcher and Mrs. Joanne Spears of Washington visited Mrs. Irene Bailey one day the past week.

.. Franklin Bowick was a lunch guest of William and Lee Bentley on Thursday. Joe Racy Wells was also a visitor in the home.

.. Raymond and Elaine Timmerman, Marion Cliatt and William Bentley enjoyed the football game Friday night. Hilda Cliatt and Lee Bentley enjoyed their visit together at home.

.. Erica Brown and Alan Fizer have been visitors in the home of Art and Lois Fizer.

.. Mandy and Brad Rogers, Jan Whitner, and William and Lee Bentley have been visitors of Dollie and Truett Smalley.

.. Nancy Bailey made a trip to Swanee, Ga. to see her grandson, Tyler, play in his first varsity basketball game. Tyler plays for the Greater Gwinett Christian "Barons." The Barons won 80 - 42. The Barons is a traveling team made up of the home schooled students who play locally as well as in regional and national tournaments.

.. Irene Bailey spent Saturday with William and Lee Bentley and attended the Chastain - Henderson wedding at Salem Baptist Church Saturday afternoon.

.. Nancy Bailey and Susan Bryant have been visitors of Dollie and Truett Smalley.

.. Dudley Bryant visited his sister, Irene Bryant, one day the past week.

.. Dudley and Susan Bryant visited at Harpers Personal Care Home in Washington one day the past week.

.. Juanita Brown visited Dudley and Susan Bryant Saturday morning.

.. Alicia and Patrick Bryant visited their parents, Dudley and Susan Bryant, during the week.

.. Kenneth and Donna Abel spent the weekend in Guyton, Ga. with their son, Tim and his wife, Pam. They attended the Christmas Bizzare and also Pam's birthday celebration.

.. William and Lee Bentley were supper guests with Franklin and Brenda Bowick in Troy on Saturday night for Brenda's birthday.

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