2008-10-02 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

.. Mrs. Jackie Bonner visited Mr. and Mrs. William Bentley Monday afternoon. Marion Cliatt visited Monday morning.

.. Marion and Hilda Cliatt and William and Lee Bentley were lunch guests together on Tuesday.

.. Mrs. Bill Bradley visited in the William Bentley home Thursday afternoon.

.. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fizer visited Mr. and Mrs. Don Stephens at Hartwell on Tuesday and spent the day with them.

.. Erica Newton spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fizer. Alan Fizer was out for the weekend.

.. William and Marion Cliatt attended the Lincoln Red Devil game on Friday night. Hilda and Lee enjoyed the time together and all ate sausage biscuits and dessert after the game.

.. Alicia and Patrick Bryant visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Bryant, one day the past week.

.. Mrs. Dudley Bryant visited Marsha Mooney one day the past week.

.. Larry Smalley and Jane Gresham Guillabeau visited Mr. and Mrs. William Bentley and Irene Bailey Sunday afternoon.

.. Irene Bailey spent the weekend with William and Lee Bentley and attended church services at Salem Baptist Church Sunday morning.

.. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Abel joined the Chris Abel family for a trip to Greenwood, S.C. on Saturday.

.. Rev. Deryl Odom, Kenneth Smalley, Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Whitner, Brad Rogers, Mandy Dornberg, Sara Leib, William and Lee Bentley and Hilda Cliatt have been visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Truett Smalley.

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