2007-08-02 / News

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

.. Nancy Bailey visited her family in Gainesville and Duluth this past weekend. The family celebrated her granddaughter Whitney's sixteenth birthday.

.. Mr. and Mrs. Lindy Chalker visited Mr. and Mrs. William Bentley Friday morning.

.. Mr. and Mrs. William Bentley visited Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bowick Thursday afternoon and were supper guests in the home. Franklin has had back surgery and needs our prayers. Our nephew, Nicholas Bowick, visited while we were there.

.. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Lagroon of McCormick and grandchildren visited Mrs. Irene Bailey one day the past week. William and Lee Bentley visited Friday.

.. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Cliatt attended the cow sale in Washington recently.

.. Marion Cliatt finished second place in another pool tournament.

.. Mrs. Kenneth Abel was honored on Saturday, July 28 for her 70th birthday by her husband, Kenneth Abel, her children and grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Abel of Guyton, Ga., Jay and Pam Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Abel, Keegan Abel and Miss Amanda Abel. They had a cookout with barbecue and all the trimmings. They enjoyed the day and just being together.

.. Miss Erica Newton spent the day Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fizer and had a meal with them. Alan Fizer was out for the weekend.

.. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Cliatt visited Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fizer Sunday afternoon of last week.

.. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fizer visited Mr. and Mrs. George Jones Thursday afternoon.

.. Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Whitner and Ms. Mandy Dornberg have been visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Truett Smalley. Mr. and Mrs. William Bentley visited on Sunday.

.. Michael and Alex Ferguson, Jr. visited William Bentley Saturday afternoon.

.. Miss Alicia Bryant visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Bryant, during the week and carried them out for lunch on Monday.

.. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bryant visited Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Bryant on Thursday and carried them out for supper to celebrate his mother's birthday.

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