2006-06-01 / News

Special program and covered dish dinner planned for June 1

The Lincoln County Historical Society will meet Thurs., June 1, 6:30 p.m. at the May House. A special program and covered dish dinner are planned.

Crawford Asbell will give the group a sneak preview of his documentary on the history of the Lincolnton to Washington Railroad. Mr. Asbell has been commissioned by Chairman Walker to compile pictures, momentos and interviews with those vanishing members of our community who remember when the railroad to Washington was a big part of life in Lincolnton. The last remaining portion of the track is at the Historical Park. Mr. Asbell traveled to Knoxville to film an engine renovation for our documentary and will preview that footage. Members and all railroad buffs are invited to attend this program. Just bring a covered dish and enjoy the fellowship, Mr. Asbell and some of the best cooking in Lincoln County.

Also to be discussed is the schedule and activities for Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day will not be the same day as the Christmas parade which has been moved into December. Under consideration is moving Pioneer Day back into October to take advantage of warmer weather and change the day to a full blown harvest festival complete with music, corn stalks, pumpkins, farmers market, craftsmen and an old time county fair mystique.

Members are asked to bring ideas for this change to the meeting. This discussion will be the last item on the agenda so any guests who came to enjoy Mr. Asbell's railroad program can excuse themselves or stay as they choose. However, anybody who likes old railroads would love to get involved in not only Pioneer Day but many of the Society's activities.

Members are asked to send an email to history@nu-z.net to get updates on what's happening with the society.

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