2006-05-25 / News

Checks to be issued for Farmers' Market program

It is that time of year again, for the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

Checks will be issued at the Lincoln County Health Department to eligible WIC participants beginning June 7, 2006 and may be redeemed June 7-October 15, 2006 at participating farmers markets. Not only WIC participants but any individual who wishes to purchase fruits and vegetables can buy them.

The Lincoln County Farmers Market participating farmer is Kirby Beggs, formerly of Lincolnton. He will be set up in the Lincoln County Health Department parking lot the first and third Wednesday of each month from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. through October or as long as his crops continue to produce.

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for those unable to garden themselves.

The Georgia WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program allows women, infants, and children participants to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables directly from authorized farmers markets in their communities. Participants are given checks to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. The fresh produce is provided in addition to the foods they normally receive.

Georgia farmers are reimbursed for the face value of the checks, which enhances their earnings and supports participation in the Farmers' Market Nutrition Program. Each Farmers' Market check is worth $6.00. Each eligible WIC participant receives a one-time issuance of five checks ($30.00 value).

For more information please contact the Lincoln County Health Department at 706-359-3154.

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