2006-03-23 / Front Page

Citizens asked to slow down on Elam St. and Elam Heights

Chief Jim Justice of the Lincolnton Police Department is asking motorists to ease up on the accelerator when driving on Elam Heights and Elam Avenue.

"We have been receiving complaints about vehicles speeding down Elam Heights and Elam Avenue - these narrow, curving roads present potential safety hazards even when speed is not a factor," said the chief. "We are asking citizens to please slow down on these streets. We will be increasing patrols in these areas and issuing warnings and citations as warranted."

Justice indicated that the police department has also received complaints about people parking in the fire lane at Bell's Food Market. "Citizens need to remember that the fire lane is there for a purpose," he stated.

In other items of information, the chief asked parents picking up and dropping off their children at LCES to form two lines inside the fence to help ease the congestion on Rowland-York Road. "If the area inside the fence is full, parents should wait their turn in the gravel parking lot at the side of the school. By eliminating some of the traffic on Rowland-York Road, the process of picking up and dropping off students at LCES should proceed more smoothly."

Chief Justice went on to report the following arrests in the city for the month of February:

Byron Hill, 33, of Lincolnton, was charged with disorderly conduct in connection with a disturbance on Hickory Street.

An investigation conducted by the Lincolnton Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation resulted in the arrest of Dominique Crite, 22, and Carlos Harris, 17, both of Lincolnton. The men were charged with one count each of statutory rape.

Tyler Bryant, 17, of Lincolnton, was charged with two counts of

(continued on page 10) obstruction of an officer, one count of interference with government property, and one count of disorderly conduct.

In further comments on last month's departmental activities, the chief noted that his staff investigated two unrelated incidences involving the illegal possession of prescription medications by students at LCMS. Three juveniles were arrested in connection with the incidents and charged with one count each of possession of certain drugs.

The medications were discovered by Principal Pam Carmichael and her staff at the middle school. "Their timely intervention kept a potentially dangerous situation from getting out of hand," said Chief Justice. "I commend Principal Carmichael and her staff for their efforts."

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