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Pursuant to the Comprehensive Zoning Or­dinance of the City of Lincolnton, Georgia, thepublic is hereby notified a petition has beenfiled to change the zoning classification on atract of land known as Lot #1, SaddlebrooksFarms Subdivision, Lincoln County, Georgia,being more particularly described as follows:
ALL THAT LOT OR PARCEL OF LAND,with improvements thereon, situate, lying andbeing in the State of Georgia, County of Lin­coln, being known and designated as Lot 1,Saddlebrook Farms Subdivision, as shown ona plat recorded in the Office of the Clerk ofSuperior Court of Lincoln County, Georgia inPCA, Slide 116, Panel D. Reference is herebymade to said plat for a more complete and ac­curate description as to the metes, bounds, andlocation of said property.
Map and Parcel No.: 38C 001
Said petition is in connection with an ap­plication for annexation into the municipallimits of the City of Lincolnton, Georgia. Therequest is to rezone said property from Lin­coln County Zone R-1 Residential to City ofLincolnton Zone R-1
The public is hereby notified the Lincoln­ton Zoning Board will hold a public hearingat Lincolnton City Hall at 5:30P.M. on July 5,2017 with respect to change in the zoning ofthe above-described tract of land.
The public is further notified the recom­mendations of the Zoning Board with respectto this request will be considered by the Lin­colnton City Council at the July 11, 2017 reg­ular City Council meeting at Lincolnton CityHall at 7:00 P.M
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