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ESTATE NO. 2017-071
William Thomas Wilkes, II and Myra Wil­kes Searles has petitioned for an order findingthat no administration is necessary on the es­tate of the above named decedent. All credi­tors who have not consented to the petitionare, therefore, required to show cause on orbefore Sept. 21, 2017 or within ten (10) daysafter personal service, whichever is later, whysuch order should not be granted.
All objections to the petition must be inwriting, setting forth the grounds of any suchobjections. If any objections are filed, a hear­ing will be scheduled for a later day. If no ob­jections are filed, the petition my be grantedwithout a hearing.
This 22nd day of August, 2017
Lee D. Moss
Judge of the Probate Court
Debbie Pruett
Clerk/Deputy Clerk of the Probate Court
PO Box 205
Lincolnton, GA 30817
8 31 4tp

Under and by virtue of the Power of Salecontained in a Security Deed given by MarieCooper-Draves to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, datedAugust 17, 2005, recorded in Deed Book 154,Page 734, Lincoln County, Georgia Records, aslast transferred to HSBC Bank USA, NationalAssociation, as Trustee for Wells Fargo HomeEquity Trust 2005-3 by assignment recordedin Deed Book 194, Page 424, Lincoln County,Georgia Records, conveying the after-describedproperty to secure a Note in the original prin­cipal amount of TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND0/100 DOLLARS ($231,300.00), with interestthereon as set forth therein, there will be sold

at public outcry to the highest bidder for cashbefore the courthouse door of Lincoln County,Georgia, or at such place as may be lawfullydesignated as an alternative, within the legalhours of sale on the first Tuesday in October,2017, the following described property:
The debt secured by said Security Deed hasbeen and is hereby declared due because of,among other possible events of default, failureto pay the indebtedness as and when due and inthe manner provided in the Note and SecurityDeed. The debt remaining in default, this salewill be made for the purpose of paying the sameand all expenses of this sale, as provided inSecurity Deed and by law, including attorney’sfees (notice of intent to collect attorney’s feeshaving been given).
Said property will be sold subject to anyoutstanding ad valorem taxes (including taxeswhich are a lien, but not yet due and payable),any matters which might be disclosed by anaccurate survey and inspection of the property,any assessments, liens, encumbrances, zoningordinances, restrictions, covenants, and mattersof record superior to the Security Deed first setout above.
HSBC Bank USA, National Association,as Trustee for Wells Fargo Home Equity Trust2005-3 is the holder of the Security Deed tothe property in accordance with OCGA § 44-14-162.2.
The entity that has full authority to ne­gotiate, amend, and modify all terms of themortgage with the debtor is: Wells FargoHome Mortgage a div. of Wells Fargo Bank,N.A., PO Box 10335, Des Moines, IA 503061-800-416-1472.
To the best knowledge and belief of theundersigned, the party in possession of theproperty is Marie Cooper-Draves or a tenantor tenants and said property is more commonlyknown as 1603 Plantation Circle, Lincolnton,Georgia 30817.
The sale will be conducted subject (1) toconfirmation that the sale is not prohibitedunder the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and (2) to finalconfirmation and audit of the status of the loanwith the holder of the security deed.
HSBC Bank USA, National Association,as Trustee for Wells Fargo Home Equity Trust2005-3 as Attorney in Fact for Marie Cooper-Draves
McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce, LLC
1544 Old Alabama Road
Roswell, Georgia 30076
All that lot, tract or parcel of land, with allimprovements thereon, situate, lying and beingin the 269th G.M.D. of Lincoln County, Geor­gia, and being known as Lot 11-A, as shown ona plat of Plantation Point Subdivision, preparedby James G. Swift, engineer, dated March 30,1979, and recorded in the Office of the Clerkof Superior Court of Lincoln County, Georgiain Plat Book A, Page 39. Reference is madeto said plat for a more complete and accuratedescription as to the metes, bounds and locationof said property.
Said property is conveyed subject to any andall easements and restrictions of record.
MR/anj1 10/3/17
Our file no. 5164809 - FT5
9 7 4tp

BID-SURPLUS SALE of surplus real prop­erty. Pursuant to the Official Code of GeorgiaAnnotated Sections 36-9-2 and 36-9-3, theBoard of Commissioners of Lincoln County,Georgia, at their regularly scheduled monthlymeeting held on August 10, 2017, declared thefollowing real property as surplus:
All that tract or parcel of land lying and be­ing in the City of Lincolnton, Georgia, 186thDistrict G. M., Lincoln County, Georgia beinga lot almost in the form of a square, being 35yards in size, facing Main Street in said City35 yards and running a uniform width of 35yards in a Northerly direction for a distance of35 yards, and bounded North by lands of D.T. Clary Estate, and the line running with theKeeler Building and Lincoln County Lot, Eastby property of G. R. McCrimmon; South byMain Street, and West by property of LincolnCounty, Georgia
Map and Parcel L05 169. Deed Book 26Page 436. Containing approximately 1.5acres.

All that tract or parcel of land lying andbeing in the 186th District G. M., LincolnCounty, Georgia, containing 26.8 acres, moreor less, being bound, now or formerly, on theNorth by lands of the United States of America(USA Clark Hill Project); East by lands of theEstate of W. T. Mason and Charlie Mason;South by lands of Sherman and Lucile Nor­man; and West by lands of Sim Stokes, andbeing designated as Tract B on a plat of surveymade by Charles W. Elam, Surveyor, datedJuly 14, 1975, and recorded in Plat Book 3,Page 250 of the Lincoln County records, andwhich plat and the recording thereof are incor­porated herein by reference as a part hereof.
Map and Parcel 28 006. Deed Book 54 Page186. Plat Book 3 Page 250.
ALL that tract or parcel of land containing11 acres more or less, said lot lying and beingin Lincoln County, Georgia, and in the 186thDistrict G. M., bounded North by lands ofWillie Willingham Estate, East by other landsof Charlie L. Mason, and lands of ThomasMason Estate; South by lands of Charlie L.Mason; and West by lands of Charlie Mason.A further description is found in Deed fromJ. J. Glaze to Charlie L. Mason, recorded inDeed Book 11, at page 96 on the records inOffice of Clerk of Superior Court, LincolnCounty, Georgia.
Containing approximately 38.7 acres.
Map and Parcel 28 029. Deed Book 65 Page435. Plat Book 3 Page 250.
All that lot, parcel or tract of land contain­ing 11 acres more or less, said lot lying andbeing Lincoln County, Georgia, and in the186th District G.M., bounded on the Northby lands of Willie Willingham Estate; Eastby other lands of Charlie L. Mason, and landsof Thomas Mason Estate; South by lands ofCharlie L. Mason; and West by lands of Char­lie L. Mason. A further description is found ina Deed from J.J. Glaze to Charles L. Masonrecorded in Deed Book 11, at Page 96 on therecords in Office of Clerk of Superior Court,Lincoln County, Georgia.Map and Parcel 28009. Deed Book 173 Page 435. Plat Book 1Page 433.
The successful bidder shall immediatelypresent a certified check made payable to theLincoln County Board of Commissioners forno less than 10% of the winning bid at theconclusion of the bidding process. The 10%payment payable to the Lincoln County Boardof Commissioners shall be deducted from thesale price .The Board of Commissioners shallretain the 10% down payment in the event thewinning bidder does not complete the pur­chase of the real property within the requiredtime period. The remainder of the winning bidamount shall be paid by certified bank check atthe time of the closing and transfer of the realproperty. The closing date for the purchase ofthe real property shall be within 30 days of Oc­tober 3, 2017. The closing shall be held at theoffice of the attorney selected by the LincolnCounty, Georgia Board of Commissioners.
The auction shall begin on the front stepsfacing Humphrey Street of the Lincoln CountyCourthouse, 210 Humphrey Street, Lincolnton,Georgia 30817, on Tuesday, October 3, 2017,at 10:00 a.m. All bidders must be present. TheBoard of Commissioners of Lincoln County,Georgia reserves the right to reject any and allbids or cancel any proposed sale.
Any further information shall be availableat the Lincoln County, Georgia Courthouse,first floor, Office of the Clerk of Commissionof Lincoln County, Georgia between the hoursof 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday throughFriday, excepting holidays, prior to the hourof sale.
Buyer Beware.
9 14 3tp

Public Input Requested for the State ofGeorgia’s Draft Consolidated AnnualPerformance and Evaluation Report
(CAPER) FFY2016/ SFY2017
The State of Georgia, in compliance withapplicable U.S. Department of Housing andUrban Development (HUD) regulations, hasprepared a draft version of the State's Con­solidated Annual Performance and EvaluationReport (CAPER) for the Federal Fiscal Year2016. The CAPER is the annual review of theState's performance in meeting the goals andobjectives identified in the 2013-2017 Consol­idated Plan and FY 2016 Annual Action Plan.
Note that the CAPER also includes the

State CDBG Performance and Evaluation Re­port (State PER) for the State of Georgia Com­munity Development Block Grant (CDBG)Program. The State of Georgia encouragescitizens, public agencies and other interestedparties to review the contents of its draft CA­PER and to submit their written comments..Note that for the State of Georgia CommunityDevelopment Block Grant (CDBG) Program,the CAPER also includes the State CDBG Per­formance and Evaluation Report (State PER).The State PER is also available as describedbelow and citizens, public agencies and otherinterested parties are encouraged to review thecontents of the draft State PER and to submitwritten comments.
The report will be available for review onSeptember 12, 2017 after 5 p.m.­tives/ programs/ConsolidatedPlan.asp
The report may also be obtained upon re­quest from the Georgia Department of Com­munity Affairs by calling (404) 679-4840 orby e-mail to users may call (404) 679-4915 to requesta copy.
All written comments should be submittedby email or postal mail no later than Wednes­day, September 27, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.
Georgia Department of Community Affairs
Housing Finance and Development
60 Executive Park South, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329-2231

All persons indebted to the Estate of JohnA. R. Olson, deceased, are hereby notified tomake payment of same to the undersigned andall persons having a claim against said estateare notified to make claim to the undersignedor be barred from participation in said estate.Deadline for accepting any claims is, Septem­ber 28, 2017. This 31, day of August 2017 LeeD. Moss, Judge BY: Debbie Pruett, Clerk P OBox 205 Lincolnton, GA 30817 8 31 4tp

Notice is given that articles of incorpora­tion that will incorporate Trutherapy LPC,Corp. have been delivered to the Secretary ofState for filing in accordance with the GeorgiaBusiness Corporation Code. The initial regis­tered office of the corporation is located at (130 N. Washington, GA 30817 and its initialregistered agent, Felisha L. Lee, at such ad­dress. 9 14 2to

Emergency Food and Shelter
Grant Received
Lincoln County has been awarded federalfunds made available through the departmentof homeland security (DHS) /federal emergen­cy management agency under the emergencyfood and shelter national board program.
Lincoln County has been chosen to receive$3,598 to supplement emergency food andshelter programs in the county.
The selection was made by a NationalBoard that is chaired by the U. S. Departmentof Homeland Security's Federal EmergencyManagement Agency and consists of repre­sentatives from American Red Cross; Catho­lic Charities, USA; National Council of the

Churches of Christ in the USA; The JewishFederations of North America, The SalvationArmy; and, United Way Worldwide. The Lo­cal Board is charged to distribute funds ap­propriated by Congress to help expand thecapacity of food and shelter programs in high-need areas around the country. A Local Boardwill determine how the funds awarded are tobe distributed among the emergency food andshelter programs run by local service agenciesin the Lincoln County area. The Local Boardis responsible for recommending agencies toreceive these funds and any additional fundsmade available under phase 34 of the program.In previous phases of this program, these fundshave been used primarily to provide food andshelter to the needy within the County.
Under the terms of the grant from the Na­tional Board, local agencies chosen to receivefunds must: 1) be private voluntary non-profitsor units of government, 2) be eligible to re­ceive Federal funds, 3) have an accountingsystem, 4) practice nondiscrimination, 5) havedemonstrated the capability to deliver emer­gency food and/or shelter programs, and 6) ifthey are a private voluntary organization, havea voluntary board. Qualifying agencies areurged to apply.
Public or private voluntary agencies inter­ested in applying for Emergency Food andShelter Program funds must contact TammyJackson at 706.736.1199 x 218 or email tjack­ for an application.The deadline for applications to be received isSeptember15,2017 971tp

Estate # 2017-072
All creditors of the estate of John DavidCrawford, Sr. late of Lincoln County, Geor­gia, deceased, are hereby notified to rendertheir demand to the undersigned according tolaw, and persons indebted to said estate are re­quired to make immediate payment.
This 28 day of , 2017
Donna Kay Charping
Executor of the Estate of:
John David Crawford, Sr.
1507 Metasville Road
Washington, GA 30673
99 7 4tp

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